ESTATES in the Neighborhood

Construction developers have developed the custom of building Estates and parking lots with different themes. Young families are often attracted by theme names such as KGOO, ROO, KANGAROO and other names like LION etc. These estates have amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, and baseball fields which may be used for skating during Winter season.

Popular boutiques are found in main streets, in popular cities around the world. Sales items and food items are frequently display on the walks of these strip malls located in these main streets.

Apparel and merchandise carrying logos and labels of Kangaroo, Lions and other prints and press can be found in stores such as Forever21 and other boutiques with similar trends. Watch for trendy seasonal outfits and shows in the mainstream fashion world.


These merchandise are also popular in public places where they cater to children of all ages such as libraries, stores, doctors, at home and kids corner during vacation.