KGOO Corporation business deals ranges from construction, distribution and transportation including custom buildings, real estates and parking lots with / without theme names which are KANGAROO, ROO, KANGO and LION.

Studies have shown that parents starts communicating with their babies during playtime performing animal sounds and actions. These characters are sewn as stuff animals, on the top left side of outfits, apparel etc. and other merchandise products depicting their images. Refer to profile page for detailed on this corporation.


These merchandise are also popular in public places where they cater to children of all ages such as libraries, stores, doctors, at home and kids corner during vacation.



These are the logos and labels of KGOO Corporation on some of its’ products with or without the fullname spelt out.

kgoo-02 logo kgoo-01 logo kgoo logo05
kgoo logo03 kgoo logo06 kgoo logo11
kgoo logo09 kgoo logo02 kgoo logo04
kgoo logo kgoo logo07 kgoo logo10 kgoo logo08

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