Products carrying this logo ranges from fur coats to leather jackets, shoes, perfumes leather boots, mini jackets, luggage, belts and handbags, other apparel. The trademark of Kangaroo can be found on similar products just like that of POLO.

This corporation logo’s trade marked on Baby outfits, hats, shirts, stores and other apparel you will find in the main stream large malls and boutique in major commercial cities of the world. The trademarks can be found in all colors similar to [RL] POLO Ralph Lauren corporation. It’s usually in the shape of a kangaroo as shown below with the word spelt out in full or abbreviated. Here are the tags – KANGAROO, KANGA, KGOO, ROO, KANGO or KANGOO with/without an ® or ™ as suffix.

The company stock symbol is [KGOO] for KGOO Corporation and it’s display on NYSE.
These products are found in department stores in both Urban and Suburban cities across the globe.

These outfits are mostly carried and sold in areas where the temperatures may range from warm to cold weather for period of months such as fur jackets and boots. The others are sold throughout the year.

Kangaroo prints are also famous and popular on outfits, bedroom sheets, stuff animals, sleep wear,  etc.

Their shapes are used in molding such as mini chocolates, cake mounds for kangaroo lovers inviting merchandisers to carry theme as kangaroo even on birthday sets.

These are the logos and labels of KGOO Corporation on its products with or without the name spelt out.

kgoo-02 logo kgoo-01 logo kgoo logo05
kgoo logo03 kgoo logo06 kgoo logo11
kgoo logo09 kgoo logo02 kgoo logo04
kgoo logo kgoo logo07 kgoo logo10 kgoo logo08

sample logos

Plait 02

plait02Plait 01 plait03
plait04Plait 03 plait05Plait 04

And more similar patterns.

Other Kgoo logos on clothings, beddings, footrest rugs, and similar apparel just like the original logos as indicated at the top; combination or single in small or large scale.


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