The Game of CROQUET


Course:           9 Wickets Croquet

Duration:        1 hour to 2 hours

Time:              Morning or Evening

Scheduled:      TBD

Location:        Played in backyards or greens similar to golf courses.

Objective:      Striking the ball with a mallet through wickets in sequence until you hit the winning stake before your opponents.

Necessary Requirements:Set of Croquet, dress in bright colors preferably white, steady sneakers and white socks.

Play:           The game starts at the stake, navigating your ball from the single side of the double diamond, striking the opposite end of the ball towards the center of wickets.

Striking your ball from that end (opposite the other end stake) tracing your way back on the opposite side (other side) of the double diamond and touching the stake that began the game.

9 wickets is typically played in teams of 2 or 3 individuals per side; just like any other game where the order, is pre-determined by the color coded stake.

The BLUE plays first, 2nd by the RED and 3rd by BLACK.

If you are playing with 6 croquet balls and 3 others in a team, you’ll then cap things off with the YELLOW, GREEN and finally ORANGE.


Scoring: Scoring through a hoop ends the player a single point and a bonus shot.
A point is earned each time you go through a wicket.
Banging into an opponent’s ball awards two points.
Each successful strike of ball with a mallet through a wicket counts as a point.
The first player to consistently strike their balls until hitting the winning stake before their opponents wins the game.
As a team, the others still have to play to completion, in order for the winning ranking positions to be determined for the games.
The ranking of the players are determined by their total scores.
The team who wins best of 3 or 5 games wins the match.

Rules of Croquet:Players have one shot per turn earning an extra shot by scoring through a wicket (hoop) or striking the ball of an opponent which is called a “roquet”.

A point is earned each time you go through a wicket.

If a ball stops out of bounds, place it inside the boundary in a direct line from its position implying a loose of turn; letting the other players to play their turns.
This position can be marked just like that of a Golf.

An optional “Deadness” rule will ensure that a roquetted ball can’t be struck repeatedly for more bonuses unless the striking player has first scored another wicket (You can only have 1 bonus shot per wicket).

Note: Really you’re going to want this rule otherwise things might get ugly between friends.


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